What To Do Before We Arrive To Clean Your House

If this is your first time hiring a professional cleaning service in a residential setting, you are probably unsure about how to get ready. The best tip is to do a bit of basic cleaning before our cleaner arrives. This sounds back to front, but there’s a distinction between what house cleaning firms typically do  and what you as the hirer can do to make the process faster and lessen your costs

The following are tasks you can expect your cleaning service to deal with:

Vacuuming and sweeping
Bathroom scrubbing
Wiping down the kitchen

Basic house cleanings exclude:

Cleaning the fridge interior
Cleaning window blinds
Cleaning up pet’s litter trays, etc
Changing beds or doing laundry

Prior to the cleaner’s arrival, it good to do some tidying to make their job faster. If you’re worried about being judged for a dirty home, don’t worry, it is very likely they’ve seen a lot worse.

How to make the process smoother:

Pick Up Things Lying Around

Your cleaner is there to deep-clean the surfaces of a home, and not tidying up your belongings.

Tidying and clearing clutter will make sure they spend the time cleaning. By picking up items yourself, you will amplify their time and get the best of the service.

When you leave out clothes, papers, and other items, the cleaner is obliged to clean around them, or pick up each piece, clean under it, and replace it. Multiplied by the entire house, it can increase the overall time they need to clean by several hours.

Designate A Spot For Misplaced Items

Picking up items around the house means they’re less likely to get lost during cleaning. It can be hard for a cleaner to determine which papers are of importance, and which can be thrown away. You don’t really want a cleaner to look at your papers and decide that for you.

So, it’s best to arrange papers yourself so nothing of value will be misplaced during a cleaning session. Put away valuables such as jewellery, electronic devices, and loose cash, so the cleaner does not have to touch anything of value.

You can decide on a spot and keep anything you don’t want to be touched there, and if the cleaner is unsure where something belongs they can also place it there. Tell the cleaner to ignore these items so you know your valuables won’t be misplaced.

Put Away Your Pets

It is vital to let your cleaner know if you own a pet, and take suitable action before the cleaner arrives.

If your pet is hostile toward outsiders, you will need to take them to stay at with someone they know or book a grooming or doggie daycare session for them. Alternatively, you can put them in a room which does not require cleaning, we have a regular customer who closes the dog in her recently converted loft in her Fulham home.

Pinpoint Problem Areas

You know your home better than we do, so ensure your cleaner is advised of problem areas. You should also tell them about any rooms you would like them to focus on.

Tidy the Bathroom And Kitchen

The bathroom is habitually crowded with cosmetics and bath products, making it problematical to clean. Therefore, it’s best to clear the counters and put everything in a basket, which can be put in a cupboard or in another room. This gives easy access to the counters and sink for proper cleaning.

The same goes for the kitchen. You may not like doing dishes but it should be done if you want the cleaner to clean the sink. So load the dishwasher and remove leftover food to make deep cleaning easier.

To maximise your spend, your cleaner needs to do important cleaning such as the floors, counters, appliances, and carpets. Cleaning these areas in advance so they can be properly accessed will mean you get more for your money and will additionally help keep you organized.

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