Westland Estates offer a large range of ways in which your windows can be cleaned. There is no job that is inaccessible, too big or small for us to complete. Our wide variety of services range from ladder window cleaning to hydraulic platform access. We offer our services in many areas including Greater London.

Rope Access

We guarantee that you get the highest quality clean on every window.

When dealing with cleaning windows for high-rise or large buildings we use rope access techniques such as abseiling. This ensures that we reach every window in any area of your building, even areas which you may think are inaccessible.

Reach & Wash

The reach and wash system allows us to clean your windows up to 6 floors by pumping water through carbon fibre poles. This method is cost effective and has no health and safety risks. This is due to the fact that it uses pure water, so there is no added cost of chemicals to clean the surfaces and it operates from the safety of the ground.

This is a fairly new technique that is used to clean windows.

This method can be used for the following:

  • cleaning glass roofs
  • signs
  • panelling
  • skylights
  • canopies
  • facades
  • window frames
  • general window cleaning


We also use conventional methods to clean windows inside a building or small buildings such as shop fronts. All our staff our trained to use our ladders and this still remains a safe and practical method.

Hydraulic Platform

This method is used for buildings that are not accessible by either of the other methods, due to its location. The hydraulic platform can reach up to 10 floors, which is higher than the reach and wash system.


The use of the cradle allows us to access high windows that need specialist cleaning.

We are fully competent in the safe use of the static cradle system. This system is installed on to the top of a building, we ensure that all health and safety regulations are followed and risk assessments are completed before work commences.